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We hire people who are passionate, talented and full of integrity for a career in the IDS. Anyone can try to join, both new graduates and experienced.

About Us

Making life easier is part of the purpose of the establishment of PT Innovation Power Solutions (IDS). In order to realize his dream, IDS has worked with business partners such as industry Modern Market and Industry Multifinance. The cooperation, namely in terms of providing solutions of electronic transaction services to mobile user application that allows business partners to provide products and services to its clients diversified to provide ease and comfort with more cost efficient. This is what makes IDS as a reliable partner who is also an honor for IDS in addition to being an integral part in the industrial Multifinance and Industry checkouts. Gained confidence is a proof of the ability and commitment of IDS. PT Innovation power Solutions (IDS) has a reliable team with deep technical knowledge and farsighted so as to provide a service, product or services appropriate and innovative solutions for business partners ..

Visi And Misi

Provide quality solutions that can simultaneously encourage the growth of a business partner
Providing ease of a business in providing payment services digital


Switching Sistem

Stored Program Control has become the main control types for all kinds of new switching system around the world, including the payment of tolls, private branches, data and Telex system. Two types of data stored in the memory of the electronic switching system. One type is the data associated with the progress of the call, such as an address out of the line is called. The other type, known as a data translation, contains infrequently changing information, such as the type of subscription service with a line call and the information required for routing the call to the called number.
The translation of data, such as programs, stored in a readable memory, but protected to avoid accidental deletion. This information varies depending on the needs of your ministry. The flexibility of a stored program also assists in the administration and maintenance of the system services and can quickly deal with a glass of form errors.
Electronic switching system (SSE) is a system that connects between partners with Biller or with the payment gateway. IDS, has been operating properly handle a wide range of payments, including bill payments Multifinance, water payment, or prepaid cellular vouchers.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Services provides a number of convenience to mobile phone customers, with the service Mobile Banking and Mobile Transactions, to carry out banking transactions, payment, transaction information will be confirmed via sms. a leisure and service-related electronic.
Mobile field provides a number of facilities in memenage field team, whether it is the function of the surveyor and collection functions, both in terms of push-pull of data, real time monitoring, to mobile collection will facilitate coordinated in real time, both field teams and transactions that occur in the field and also can improve the productivity of mobile field teams to surveyors, makes it easy for teams to akurasian field to keep the data between the customer and geographical conditions, so that these processes and step workmanship as priority visits, site visits, photo tercontrol visit well, thus increasing produktifias, and management surveyor team



Application or system development is an important process for any of a company.Our company must pay extra attention when deciding and choosing Vendor / Consultant is appropriate to project or development.
Reviews Technical Development Division and we are one of the major assets for our company. We memilikiorang-qualified people are continually working to improve existing products danmengembangkan new products according to the latest technology


IDS provides system integration services that are already operating with the payee and the Vendor are already working with us, so his process does not require a long time and additional significant costs. Has become our properties for each system will be tailored to the needs of partners.


IDS solusipengimplementasian assist organizations in information technology. Our consultants have not only a powerful intelligent technologies for system implementation, but equally important, is the extensive business background of critical business processes in various industries.
IDS can help you in implementing your system, by providing resources that are experienced in their field.



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